When I first tried on the Hololens headset I was mind-blown. I could see a digital content overlayed with my own environment, and I couldn’t believe how well the tracking worked!
Despite the low pixel resolution and the holographic content being displayed only in a small square part of the transparent screen of my goggles, I still felt like the displayed content was with me in the room.
There was one thing however that bugged me and it was the size of the headset.
Even though it is a bit more practical than the VR headset (it’s transparent), I still couldn’t imagine someone would actually leave their house wearing it.
It made me wonder how the design of the actual headsets will improve throughout the time. Finally, 2 years later, I got my answer.


The same way the Apple watch inspired countless designers to develop their own line of products, we see the same trend coming up with AR headsets.
A chic looking AR headset would motivate users to use the apps on a daily basis.
Because having to hold your phone in front of you to get the content simply feels like too much work.
Here is one stunning design from a South Korean firm. Even though this is still a concept, it definitely gives us an idea about where this amazing industry could move in the next few years.
The form could definitely fit the tech equipment. Looking at the size, it is not far away from the glasses that are already in development.
One of them is a brand called Vuzix, which will soon launch their development kit called Vuzix Blade.
The glasses are going to use a see through lenses as display. It will connect either to an I phone or Android device via Bluetooth and overlay the location-aware AR content in your viewed surrounding area.
It will pack a camera, microphone, processor, sensors and batteries into a compact frame. All of this in a pair of compact wrap-around glasses.



I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to work with this technology and create some breath taking content.

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